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Palden Sakya - Lama Pema Wangdak in Palden Sakya Woodstock, NY April 14

(Na foto, Lama Pema no Rio de Janeiro)

Vikramasila Foundation / Palden Sakya Centers

Our much beloved Khenpo Pema Wangdak will be returning once again to our Palden Sakya Woodstock location on Saturday, April 14th at 2 PM. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there!

Palden Sakya Woodstock

15 Meads Mountain Rd.

Woodstock, NY 12498

Contact: Jo Schwartz


Join Lama Pema as he guides us through the teachings of the great Bodhisattva Shantideva: "A Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life". Lama Pema presents Shantideva's teachings in an easy-to-understand inspirational format so that we too may learn to develop the six perfections of a Bodhisattva.

Lama Pema has been guiding Western students for the past 29 years. He continues to travel and teach extensively to Dharma centers around the world. His command of the English language and familiarity with Western culture, along with his wisdom and compassion make him an outstanding role model and teacher in today’s world.

Michele Sakow


Palden Sakya Centers


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